Why Sew with us?

Sewing is SUPER FUN! And it’s also a great skill that may save you money, challenge your brain and give you a terrific wardrobe.  Additionally, we find that students gain more CONFIDENCE, both with their sewing skills and also within themselves, once they start a regular sewing practice.  We believe it is essential for students to choose what they work on (within their skill level, of course).  This allows them to be CREATIVE and it also helps students stay invested in the project at hand. Whether you are interested in pattern making, designing apparel, sewing doll clothes or creating unique and useful things for the home, we are here to help you through the process. 

Our Philosophy

Upcoming Sewing Classes

"Have fun and get it finished!  When you are hungry for more skill we will take you to the next level." - Jennifer Serr, Owner & Director

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