I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much Ezra is enjoying your class!  It's truly the highlight of his day :) He's tried many things from skateboarding to basketball to YouTubing, but nothing really stuck.  He never seemed truly happy doing those things, as if he were just doing them because all the other kids did them and he thought "that's what 10 year old boys should like to do".  But he has been into fashion since birth.  When he was 3 or 4 he asked for white clothes from head to toe, then he drew all over them with sharpies.  He's always spent more time than any of us picking out outfits in the morning, they have to be just right.  So it was so exciting when we found The Sewing Room!  He's already learned so much, and gained so much confidence...which he was sorely lacking. - Tom Stone

"Jennifer inspires girls to make clothes. She lets you express your style by teaching us to look at fashion. Her classes and camps are great!" Maya, age 10

“My daughter took a sewing camp from Jennifer at Rhythmix Cultural Works. Two years later she still has her beautiful inspiration collage boards. She had a great time on the runway, modeling her cute little skirt.
It was a very positive experience! Jennifer and her team are lovely people.” - Alana Dill

“I cannot speak highly enough of Jennifer Serr's sewing classes for my daughter Bennett. At such a young age she has the tools, knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing well, all by the gentle and expert hand of Jennifer. I tell everyone I know about her sewing camps, and would recommend her to all! I know adults who want to take her class...” - Natasha Miller

“Just a couple of months ago I signed up for sewing classes with Jennifer. All I knew about sewing was how to sew in a straight line! Thanks to Jennifer's guidance, I have gained sooooooo much confidence, skill and enjoyment in sewing, that I have taken on sewing as my new favorite pastime. I just finished a purse and am making many sweet, soft baby items for myself and others. Next up, a party dress someday??? Jennifer is a kind, helpful and very skilled teacher. She has a diverse, accomplished, professional background in sewing and is very hip and up to date with her designs and fashion.I highly recommend her as your sewing teacher or as a teacher for your child. Don't miss this opportunity to learn such a fun and useful skill!” - Nancy Walker


"My daughter has been taking sewing classes, and attending camps, with Jennifer for almost two years. It's been so good for her! Jennifer has such a relaxed and respectful way with kids that they take risks and gain confidence almost effortlessly. She listens seriously to their ideas and helps them achieve their fashion visions. She also chooses projects for the camps that provide real gratification for the kids in just a few days.
Fantastic way for kids to gain a great skill! My daughter has a new sense of competence because of what she's learned to do. Yea, Jennifer!"

"Jennifer was an amazing sewing teacher for our 10 year old daughter. Her classroom setting was calm, grounded and gear toward really teaching the kids the proper steps needed when sewing an item. The kids were asked to select something that they wanted to sew, buy the material and in class together they would make the item.
Jennifer went through each step of the sewing process with the kids, all while building their confidence and strengthening their ability to sew. In the end, the kids brought into fruition the item they chose to make in the beginning of class.
Jennifer taught the kids how to sew all while maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere for them. She's a GREAT teacher and our daughter loved her class!" - Rosanna L.