Sewing Camp Schedule

 This page is dedicated to our SEWING CAMPS for Kids ,Teens & Adults.  Camps are day-long or multi-day sewing events for YOU or your children.  During sewing camp, students have the opportunity to spend a longer time sewing, while acquiring a deeper skill level.  We make our camps FUN by offering an open, flexible and supportive environment, allowing students to choose the project they work on, within the scope of the camp day(s) or week.

You can find CAMPS listed below chronologically.  We have camps during Winter, Spring & Summer school breaks, along with some school holidays and non-school days.   Please do not hesitate to email ( if you have any questions.

My daughter has been taking sewing classes, and attending camps, with Jennifer for almost two years. It’s been so good for her! Jennifer has such a relaxed and respectful way with kids that they take risks and gain confidence almost effortlessly. She listens seriously to their ideas and helps them achieve their fashion visions. She also chooses projects for the camps that provide real gratification for the kids in just a few days.
Fantastic way for kids to gain a great skill! My daughter has a new sense of competence because of what she’s learned to do. Yea, Jennifer!