Fashion Studies is an accelerated Fashion program for Middle and High School Students. In this semester long program, students learn the fundamentals of Fashion Design while being taught & mentored by industry professionals. Through this program, students build a strong foundation of fashion centered skills while building their portfolio(s) and preparing for deeper study.


  • Fashion Sketching & Illustration Techniques

  • Mood Board Development & Beginning Conceptual Design

  • Collection Development

  • Apparel Sewing Techniques

  • Garment Construction

  • Beginning Flat Pattern & Garment Draping

  • Beginning Textile identification


Two - Four finished garments - with process photos

Portfolio of Seam and Hem samples

Portfolio of Textiles - Textile Identification Book with Swatches

Portfolio of Sketch and Design including Flat sketches, illustrations and mood boards


Semester Long Commitment - 3 (two-hour) classes per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)- September - December

3-5 hours of sketching homework per week

Ages 12- 18

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I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much Ezra is enjoying your class!  It's truly the highlight of his day :) He's tried many things from skateboarding to basketball to YouTubing, but nothing really stuck.  He never seemed truly happy doing those things, as if he were just doing them because all the other kids did them and he thought "that's what 10 year old boys should like to do".  But he has been into fashion since birth.  When he was 3 or 4 he asked for white clothes from head to toe, then he drew all over them with sharpies.  He's always spent more time than any of us picking out outfits in the morning, they have to be just right.  So it was so exciting when we found The Sewing Room!  He's already learned so much, and gained so much confidence...which he was sorely lacking. - Tom Stone


This program is perfect for:

Students applying to Fashion Programs for High School & or College - Fashion Studies will prepare them with the technical abilities they will need to create original designs. Student completing our program should be able to create at a higher level, having honed their sewing skills, strengthened their drawing and design talents and developed and understanding of basic pattern making.

Students who “Identify” themselves through FASHION & Clothing - These are kids who maybe haven’t found their way just yet and are trying out different things. The underlying theme however, will likely be how they express themselves through clothing - Fashion Studies can help channel that energy into a real life skills, they can use to create their own fashion, expand their focus and open their minds to a career in Apparel and Design.

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Please fill out the Application before purchasing the course (click on the Pink link above). We need to review your application before we approve students for the course. You can submit your application before registration begins to be put on our waitlist and get early access to registration. Once your application is approved, you may secure a spot by purchasing the course.

Registration begins July 15th. Payment plans available. Program runs September through December for 15 weeks. Please see description when signing up for specific dates.

See what students are saying about our program

“Jennifer inspired my love of sewing and taught me how to help others improve their skills as well. She gave me the tools that I needed to be able to envision and create my designs and make them look tailored and professional. Both my sewing skills and my pattern-making skills were greatly improved during my time at The Sewing Room and I attribute that to Jennifer and her own passion for design.” - Lily

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Jennifer Serr

Sewing, Beginning Flat Pattern Making and Draping

If you get into the HEART of what I really do and why, you’ll find I teach my students how to be fashion designers. I teach them the skills they need to fulfill their dreams big or small. I guide them and help them build these skills which gives them CONFIDENCE. I also give my students the opportunity to learn skills they might not learn until they go to COLLEGE. This give them a “TASTE” of what THAT might be like.

Before opening The Sewing Room in 2012, I spent over 15 years working as a Technical Designer for brands Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Pottery Barn and Coyuchi. During the years that followed my technical design career, I owned and operated Jennifer Serr Couture Bridal and taught Pattern Making in the Fashion Department at California College of the Arts, in addition to building the business I have now.

It’s my true passion to share what I know with Young Designers. I understand the obsession with fashion, clothing and how it all gets made.

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Julie Ann Silverman

Fashion Illustration and Design

Since earning her BFA in Fashion Design at Otis, she has spent the last twenty five years creating swimwear collections in Southern California for labels such as Girlstar, bebe,Lucky Brand, Betsey Johnson, ále by Alessandra Ambrosio, Soluna and Isabella Rose. These designs have been featured in many publications including Vogue, GQ, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, and Sports Illustrated.

She has designed her life to be a constant output of creativity so that most of her time is spent making art, taking pictures, dancing, and sharing her knowledge with others. She loves to draw women and has been profoundly influenced by the works of René Gruau, Alphonse Mucha, Alberto Vargas, David Downton and Ruben Toledo.

After working with Julie Ann over the last 6 months, I’ve found her to be a skilled and passionate instructor. She teaches her students how to “SEE” and then layers on more with each lesson.