How to Start a Clothing Line


How to Start a Clothing Line, courtesy of TEG Clothing Manufacturers

We were recently contacted about adding this info graphic to my website. After reading the article from The Evan’s Group, we are excited to share this information with our followers. You can view the whole article here. They take each of the sections in the graphic and break them down, which makes the process much easier to understand. A lot goes into Starting and Manufacturing a Clothing Line and I love how this spells out each step for our readers.

The Evans Group (TEG) preserves artisan practices and provides high-end development and production services to independent designers around the world.  Since its inception in 2005, TEG has served more than 1000 emerging and established clothing brands, and has created over 30 year-round jobs, paying living wages.

Read more about The Evan’s Group on their Website

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